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Our mission

Innovis is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving lives. Our mission is to help people live better and longer, using research and innovation in the service of healthcare.

Our Vision

is to provide advanced medical products and integrated health services accessible to everyone.

Our Goal

is to be a trusted leader in the Greek pharmaceutical market.

Our Business

is built on generations of expertise, driven by visionary leadership.

Through scientifically proven pharmaceuticals, medical devices and specialised supplements, we provide a range of effective treatment, prevention and protection options. From everyday ailments to chronic conditions, we develop, produce, and distribute healthcare solutions that work. Committed to discovering new cures, we constantly invest in research and development to achieve medical breakthroughs.

Health is the most important gift we have.

At Innovis, our mission is to protect and nurture that gift. Today, tomorrow and every day, that’s a goal worth fighting for. Because together, we can save and change lives.