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About us

Innovis is a merger between two leading pharmaceutical companies with a successful track record of innovative health products and services.

Between us, we have pioneered dozens of medicines across a whole spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Our partnership

is based on our shared commitment to support the needs of medical professionals and improve outcomes for patients.

Our dynamic alliance

opens up new opportunities to achieve scientific breakthroughs that will help people to live healthier, longer, pain-free lives. Through our collective expertise, we are bringing new medicines to the market, providing alternative treatments, and changing the face of modern healthcare.

Our values


Innovation drives us forward. In a world of new diseases and unsolved epidemics, changing lifestyles and ageing populations, we need to constantly innovate to meet people’s health needs. We don’t just keep up with technological advances in medical science – we set the pace.


Tried and tested, our products work. We are committed to delivering real, measurable benefits to patients with temporary or long-term conditions. Responsive to the changing needs of healthcare, our high-performance solutions are at the forefront of evolving medical science. Knowing that we make a real difference to people’s lives is what motivates us to excel and exceed expectations.


Our capacity for innovation is grounded in decades of servicing the healthcare industry. The combined knowledge, experience, and insight of our employees enable us to provide new treatments, remedies, and targeted therapies across a range of medical fields. This collaborative approach allows us to offer more integrated healthcare solutions than our competitors.


Quality control is integral to every stage of development, production and distribution. Our products are developed in state-of-the-art laboratories in the EU and our medical devices are certified with CE marking, in line with European legislation. Fully compliant with GMP, ISO and HACCP regulations, our products meet the highest ethical and operational standards. Their quality, safety, and effectiveness are scientifically proven by clinical trials, conducted in cooperation with leading hospitals and research centres.


Integrity means more to us than impeccable medical ethics. It’s about being a socially responsible company, with a transparent code of conduct that ensures all our employees make decisions that are consistent with our values. Working with healthcare providers to support the best patient care. Sharing information about disease awareness, prevention, and treatment. It’s about fair pricing so that our products are accessible to everyone. And treating every person in a holistic way. Physicians, pharmacists, and patients trust us, because we have earned it.

Our products

Designed to improve quality of life, our products are all based on rigorous scientific testing and cutting-edge technology.

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Innovation drives us

Committed to
discovering new cures

Together, we can
save and change lives